Industry participation model discussion

The purpose of the session was to introduce Victoria’s Industry Participation Model for vocational training to the Victorian Automotive Forum (VAF) and to invite comment and feedback from VAF members about automotive industry skills and training.

Key themes and discussion points arising during the discussion are summarised in the attached document on our links TAB – HESG – VAF summary.


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  1. JRhook says:

    HI Adrian, we (FedUni TAFE) have had the holidays (next 2 weeks) Scheduled as an Industry release week. We were directed to arrange with industry scheduled time in the workshop. I support the concept and am looking forward to getting out there. However it’s not being recognised as a duty. This bit I don’t like, we are using non attendance time to do it. My concern is, as a full time class room teacher, I personally need some R & R to get my head straight for the next term.
    With all the changes in TAFE over the last 5 years the biggest thing to suffer is the actual teaching, the race to be compliant has to be addressed. I hope the Vic Auto forum has a voice in the ear of government, some one needs to tell the captain that no ones steering the ship.


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