About VAF

The Purposes of the VAF association have now been formally defined and are as follows,

  • To promote and enhance the teaching of Automotive Trade Skills in Victoria.
  • To provide a forum where knowledge and skills may be exchanged between Automotive Trade Skills teachers.
  •  To enhance Automotive Industry Engagement with the teaching of Automotive Trade Skills.
  •   To provide a unified voice for Automotive Trade Skills teachers to respond to issues of importance.

Contact email: [email protected]

VAF membership application.
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VAF Structure – 2020

VAF Committee members

President: Adrian Lea

Vice President: Gary Atherton

Treasurer: Peter Lawrence

Secretary: Gavin Cribb

Web  Master: Alan Platt

Committee member:  Chris Antonopoulos

Committee member: Ron Locandro

Committee member: Michael Cope

CMM: Pat Thornton