Repco Special Offer 2020

Repco are offering to Automotive training providers a special access to their Navigator Pro, Smart Quote and Auto Data. See below for details:

Dear Training Manager,

GPC Asia Pacific, incorporating Repco is the largest parts supplier to Automotive Aftermarket in Australia and New Zealand.
As part of our vision to be Asia Pacific’s preferred and trusted supplier of aftermarket vehicle parts, solutions and accessories, we consistently develop new systems to assist our workshop customers become more productive and efficient.

Some of the systems like Navigator Pro are a primary way workshops can search, find and order parts for the vehicles they service or repair.
Used daily by more than 10,000 workshops Australia wide, understanding these systems can assist in a new technician or parts interpreter in their efforts to join the workforce after TAFE

Repco is happy to provide access to these systems and is authorised to do so for registered training organisations under the below conditions

  1.  The services must only be accessed by the registered IP address for the training organisation. This needs to be provided to Repco to ensure login credentials are not used off site for activities outside of the TAFE
  2.  A subscription fee of $1400 per year (ex Gst) is payable on a Nominated Repco trading account. This is a once yearly fee which covers the costs of Technical information for servicing and Repair

Meeting the above criteria, Repco will be able to create 2 Admin (Teacher) and 28 Student Logins for the TAFE to use Navigator Pro and SmartQuote (our quoting module for logbook services and Repairs)
We will also create logins for the Autodata (Technical information resource) to be used in conjunction with Navigator Pro and SmartQuote

If you have more questions about the systems or how Repco can assist your training of the technicians of tomorrow please let us know

Zac Walker
Customer Connectivity Manager
22 Enterprise Drive, Rowville VIC 3178, Australia
Office: 03 9566 5494
Mobile: +61 418 265 619
Email: [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>